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If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may have some form of gum disease. Gum disease can be treated, and early detection and treatment are key! You owe it to yourself to keep your healthy smile! Call us today at (888) 659-9446 for a complete periodontal evaluation.

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Natural vs. Laser Light

Radiant energy is emitted as photons or particles of traveling waves. Laser radiation differs from ordinary light in several important waves. Laser light is said to be coherent, collimated, and monochromatic. Ordinary light, however, is incoherent, non-collimated, and polychromatic.

Laser Light Ordinary/Natural Light

Coherent means that laser light travels in waves with each other both temporally and spatially and in the same direction.

Incoherent means that the ordinary light waves does not travel in phase with each other.

Collimated means that the laser light waves travel in a unidirectional and virtually parallel fashion which do not diverge significantly from its source even over long distances.

Non-collimated means that the ordinary light diverges significantly from its source and shines in all directions.

Monochromatic means that the laser light is a single wavelength of color.

Polychromatic means that the ordinary light is flashes numerous wavelengths of color.

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