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If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may have some form of gum disease. Gum disease can be treated, and early detection and treatment are key! You owe it to yourself to keep your healthy smile! Call us today at (888) 659-9446 for a complete periodontal evaluation.

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Patient before & after laser treatment of dark spots on gums in Manhattan Gum discoloration or black spots on the gums can have a variety of causes, many of which are not serious conditions. However, they are often unsightly and can affect the way you feel about your own smile. Thanks to Laser Gum Therapy, dark gum spot removal can be quick and painless.

Old methods to remove discoloration of the gums such as gum bleaching can involve abrasive materials. With Laser Gum Therapy, pigment is broken up with our advanced laser dentistry methods to avoid bleaching and scrubbing. If you are interested in dark gum spot removal in New York or New Jersey, contact Advanced Periodontics and Laser Dentistry by calling (888) 659-9446 or by requesting an appointment online.

To read more about spots on the gums, and laser cosmetic treatment for dark gums, visit our gum surgery specialty site, gum surgery specialty site

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