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If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may have some form of gum disease. Gum disease can be treated, and early detection and treatment are key! You owe it to yourself to keep your healthy smile! Call us today at (888) 659-9446 for a complete periodontal evaluation.

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Gum Disease and Heart Disease

How can gum disease affect your risk for cardiovascular (heart) disease?

We know from research that gum disease can affect your overall health. Gum disease and heart disease occur in separate areas of the body, and therefore seem to occur independently of each other. However, research has indicated over and over again that periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease are in fact connected, and that suffering from one may actually increase your risk of developing the other.

The connection is simple: gum disease and heart disease both involve chronic inflammation, which is the body's natural reaction to eradicate infection. Initially, inflammation is beneficial and healing to your body, but when prolonged, chronic inflammation can lead to many severe health complications.

As periodontists, our job is to provide proactive care to preempt gum disease induced inflammation in the body - ensure both healthy teeth and gums and overall health. We take each patient's unique condition and risk factors into consideration to prevent future occurrences of gum disease, as well as progression of current bouts of periodontal disease. By diligence in maintaining your oral health, you will also be helping your heart remain healthy for a long and healthy life.

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