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Advantages of the Millenium MVP-7 Periolase

What are the advantages of the Perio-lase over other dental lasers in treating periodontal lasers?

Best dental laser - the Millenium Periolase MVP-7 1. Studies of this minimally invasive treatment with the Millenium MVP-7 Perio-lase laser has comparable results to traditional periodontal regeneration therapy while other lasers used in the same manner have comparable results to initial periodontal treatment. That usually means no regeneration.

2.The Millenium MVP-7 Perio-lase laser specifically targets the pigmented bacteria which cause periodontal disease. These bacteria under a microscope are pigmented. Petri dish experiments have shown that the Perio-lase can stop the growth of these bacteria while other lasers can’t.

One type of predominant bacteria found in periodontal disease Dental Bacteria - Petri Dish Experiment
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3. The Millenium MVP-7 Perio-lase laser energy can penetrate into 4-15mm into unhealthy gum tissue without requiring its removal. This is the typical amount of gum pocket depth that is common in patients who have periodontal disease. Other lasers, however, cannot penetrate as deep. In fact, they are non specific and remove healthy gum tissue with the unhealthy gum tissue. The Millenium MVP-7 Perio-lase, by keeping healthy gum tissue intact, it may allow for regeneration or new stronger attachment of healthy gum to the teeth. This type of healing by the Millenium MVP-7 Perio-lase laser will seal away the bacteria which cause gum disease.

Laser Penetration
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4. The Millenium MVP-7 Perio-lase laser is specific in differentiating infected gum tissue from healing gum tissue, which just happen to look similar. Other lasers cannot differentiate between the two and will remove both preventing regeneration.

5. The wavelength of 1,064 nm, which happens to be the same as the Millenium MVP-7 Perio-lase laser, has been shown to have healing qualities in nature and beneficial for biostimulation. This makes this laser a natural option in treating periodontal disease.

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